What is domain authority? Why do you need strong domain authority? What is Page Rank? How can you achieve good PR for your web page? What is MozRank?

What is domain authority?

The domain authority is a measuring tool of a domain’s and subdomain’s strength. It uses a scale of 100. Lowest is 0, and highest is 100.
MOZ developed this metric. To calculate this metric, MOZ combines all other link metrics which are linking root domains, total links, MozRank, MozTrust, etc. to a single score. The score is the domain authority.

How can you measure “Domain Authority”?

There are some tools to measure the score of a domain. They are MozBar, Open Site Explorer

Why do you need strong domain authority?

Yes, because high scored domain passes more link juices to other sites. So, try to put links to high domain authority websites.

What is Page Rank?

PageRank is a popular term as PR. Page Rank is a metric which measures the quality of a web page. Page Rank Metric is invented by Google’s owners Larry Page and Sergey Brin.

How Page Rank is calculated?

To measure the PR, Google applies its algorithm to assess a webpage’s user-friendliness, importance, reliability, and authority.
High PR web pages can pass higher LINK JUICE (Page Rank/Recommendations) to any other pages through links.

How can you achieve good PR for your web page?

-Make a website for your user not for Google. I mean that provide the information in your site users are looking for.
-Make unique content
-Do correct on page SEO. Here is a cheat sheet from Moz
-Do backlinks. Here are a good source recommended by Moz

How to measure Page Rank ( PR ) data?

There are many tools to collect the data of PR. Here are some famous tools
Moz Toolbar

What is MozRank?

MozRank is modelled based on PageRank. It is based on the score. It measures the importance of a web page comparative to others. To rank a web page, it counts the number of links (votes) and quality of links (votes) directed to that page from the other pages. Then it is scored between 1-10

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