SEO Plan : How I ranked a site with four Keywords in the first of Google?

SEO Plan: How I ranked a site with four Keywords in the first of Google? Make your SEO Plan.

In this article, I am going to tell you how I rank to the first page of Google. I will explain step by step what I did

SEO Audit:

I ran an SEO audit and prepared a report. I implemented the points found in the SEO audit. Here are the points I applied.

Landing Page Optimization:

Effective landing page optimization is one of the most important things for SEO. We set up a great landing page design to adding images, Map, Social media pages, and adding some relevant content. I have optimized the website that was a new. But I have optimized this and ranked on the first page on Google. Look the website

Adding beautiful Images:

Adding images on a front page is crucial to optimize landing page correctly. All the images should be very clear with nice looking. Images will not blur. You can discuss with your client for some good pictures.

Adding Map:

You should add a map on the website. It’s most important things For SEO. It is crucial to good looking for any site and ranking on Google or another search engine.

Social media pages:

You can add all social media pages on the footer of the website. It’s very effective to attraction your visitor. It makes your site gorgeous.

Add Enough Relevant Content:

You should add some relevant content on your site front page. It will help you to get ranked quickly.

H1 and H2 tag:

A most important thing for on page optimization is adding primary keywords on H1 an H2 tag. It’s very effective to get ranked on Google and another search engine.

Footer and Address:

• For a local business, you must add business address to all the footer
• Verify the address of your Google Business Page

Local Directories for Local Business:

• It is a must to submit your business to local directories;

Off-Page Optimization:

We know that off-page optimization work is backlink building for a website to rank on search engine. But the important thing is which link we can build for ranking. I want to share with you what kind of backlink I have created for to get ranked on Google. It was Social bookmarking, Article submission on many article directory, Article or Blog submission on many web 2.0 sites, blog commenting, Relevant forum posting, and Social media marketing.

Social Bookmarking:

You should create social bookmarking links to rank your keywords on top of search engine mainly Google. But at first, you need to create a link on this type of social bookmarking sites which have High Domain Authority. You should create 15 social bookmarking links for every keyword. It will help you to get rank quickly on Google.

Relevant Forum Posting:

Forum posting is the most important way to get rank on Google. At first, you can search relevant forum posting a website on Google. Then you should select some good forum posting site which has at least 25 Domain Authority. Then create a post without link within few days then you can build backlink for your website.

Blog Commenting:

Relevant blog comment can help you to get rank on search engine. At first, you should search related blog commenting site then you must select many blog commenting sites that have High Domain Authority. Now you can start creating a link for your site to rank on Google first page.

Article Submission:

Backlinks from any articles posting are very effective for ranking any keyword. You should select high domain authority website to submit your articles. Then write a beautiful and great article and submit it on your selected article directory website.

Web 2.0 Submission and Tire 3 implementation:

Blog submission on web 2.0 sites it’s very helpful to get rank any keyword. You must write a new great blog and can submit it on high PR or DA website like,, etc. It will help you get rank easily.

Social Media Marketing:

Social Media Marketing is a different kind of work. It is not an SEO work, but you need to managing social media pages and posting regularly there because it will make some hit on a search engine to get rank.

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