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How to create relevant and high PR contextual back-links from Quora?

In my previous article, I wrote about SEO Plan: How I ranked a site with four Keywords in the first of Google? Make your SEO Plan. In this article, I am going to write about link building

How to create relevant back-links from Quora?

This topic is about how to create relevant links from quora. I am eager to share with you about building high-quality Links who can provide you rank and website traffic. Before Jump focus on introduction about Quora. Quora is a Q&A site, where millions of people seeking their solution by questions and answers.

What is Quora?

Quora is the Most top rated Question & Answer site which is favourite for all types profession people. Education, Health, Business, General, Opinion, Human resource, marketing, trending and more. So A person can quickly ask a question and provide an answer in a related topic. Quora is a highly trusted and authority website which is dominating almost all of the Q&A Sites like Answerbag, Askville,  Live QnA,  Wonder, Yahoo Answers, Yedda, Stack Exchange Network, AskReddit and much more. Click Here to Get top Q&A Site list

The Best thing you can do on Quora

  1. You can Ask a question.
  2. You can provide best answers
  3. You can request for an answer individually (experts).
  4. You can Upvote, Comment and Share a topic and answers.
  5. You can Make High Authority Link-Building.
  6. You can get a good number of traffic.
  7. You can Build a Community.
  8. You can Make followers in your niche and Off Topic related.
  9. You can Learn From Here

How to build links in Quora?

So they are the best thing we can do in Quora. Now I am jumping to the main topic, which is How to build High-quality, relevant backlinks from Quora. Quora does not like spamming links or any inappropriate Question And Answers. So be careful when you are going to High authority links from Quora.

Before Starting Link-building on Quora, the marketer should know this is not the place for spamming. Marketer & Link-builder should write for help community people.

  1. Find Niche Related Keyword phrase Topic
  2. Choose the best question that you can answer.
  3. Read your selected question and answer.
  4. Provide the best solution you can assist with the topic.
  5. Write content/answer By obeying SEO terms.
  6. Make Backlinks by Commenting.

Read all of the instruction below about How to build relevant backlinks From Quora.

Need Step By Step Strategy to Build Links on Quora.

Find Niche Related Keyword phrase Topic

Go to the search bar of Quora to ask a question and search your relevant topic. For example, my topic is Digital Marketing, so you can explore your topic and get a huge number of questions first.

what is quora

Note: Search your topic from the top Quora bar.

After Pressing the search button with your topic you may find all of the related questions and answers to build relevant backlinks from every question which you can answer. Look at the image below and see the main topic. Moreover, below you can see all of the Questions. Please click on the question If you want to answer to these questions. Remember You can build your links by asking a question, giving an answer and commenting all of the posts.

ow to create relevant backlinks

Note: You see The main topic, questions to the left. Moreover, in the right corner of the section, you can see How many questions are including in this topic (17.9k). You can see followers to this topic which is 366k. So Choosing the right topic is important. Because you may choose a less engaging topic, who do not have a good number of followers. Choose a right topic you can answer and have a good number of followers. Otherwise, you will not get plenty of views and traffic.

Choose the best question that you can answer. Read your selected question and answer

Now Choose the best question, so that you can write the best answer. Click to your question, and you will see so many answers are given by the experts. I have selected the first question from the top. Which is What are some examples of great marketing? Now, look at the below image.

quora backlinks example


Note: I have entered to the question, and you can see 100+ answers to this question. Now Read answers if you want to provide the best answer to this Question. You can write a reply with your idea.

Provide the best answer you can assist with the topic.


Now, look at the Image you can see the question you have selected and below has the ANSWER and Request Option. Next, click on the ANSWER option to write your answer and click to REQUEST option if you want to request someone to give an answer.

quora authority backlinks example

Note: After completing your answer press the Submit Button. Please do not copy and paste your answer.

Write content/answer By obeying SEO terms

Now It is time for build high-quality, relevant link-building on Quora.

example of quora marketing

Note: Do not overdo with links when you are going to Build relevant links to your site. Quora can identify you if you are doing spam. Select your keyword phrases and click to the anchor Option and put your link in the box then add. Your website link will add to your selected text. The link will turn blue colour if success. Now click the SUBMIT option to finish your answer. We can see that we have made High-quality Relevant Backlinks from Quora.

Make Backlinks by Commenting

In Quora, we can build relevant backlinks by commenting. You can comment any of the questions and answer to build links.

Quora Backlinks

Note: Click on the comment option and write a comment not just with links. Add your comment by reading the answer and try to make your comment long.

In this Article, I have tried to provide the best solution for you, You have learned How to build High-quality, relevant Backlinks From Quora. If I am missing any point, please suggest me in the comment box.
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