How to Create a Facebook Fan Page

Looking for more sales, coverage for your business? Then, your business needs a business page, not a profile, on Facebook. But in order to create a page, YOU need a profile. Each page on Facebook is attached to a personal account, so to get started with your business page; you will need to sign up for a personal profile on Facebook first.  Then follow the instructions given below to create a Facebook page.

Create your page: To create your first Facebook page, go to . When you are ready to go for it, click on the selected area button on that page, and Facebook will walk you through the process. See my Facebook Business page how it looks and you can like it.

How to create a facebook page
See ‘How to create a Facebook page’

Choose your business type: You will be asked to select your type of business (local business or professional, national store or brand, musical artist or band, etc.).

Select a page name: Then you’ll need to enter a name for your page. You have 75 characters to work with, so you could include some terms that will help people find you when they perform a search on Facebook.

Check Finally: Before you click “Create Page”, make sure you are happy with your choices because they cannot be modified.  If you change your mind about your business type or name, you’ll have to start over with a new page and convince all of your fans to “re-fan” you at your new location.

Your personal account is now the “admin” for the page, with the ability to manage its settings and content.  However, you can also assign additional admins or even remove yourself if you eventually part from the business.

Find your page: Users may face difficulty finding their page because there is no link on the Facebook home page to take you to your fan pages.  To find your page just go to and click on “Pages I Admin” on the top left.  Alternatively, you can type the first 3 letters of the page’s name in the Facebook search box, and it will appear in the selection drop-down. Search my page, type RW SEO and SMM SERVICES .

Customize Your Page: You may customize your page following the succeeding steps.

# Add your company information: The first thing to do is add a profile image to your page. You may choose to use a photo of yourself if you are a professional such as a consultant or photographer or choose your company logo if your page is for a company or product.

Then add a brief description of your business in the information box below your profile image, and also provides additional details under the “Info” tab such as a company overview, website addresses, products, etc.

Create a custom URL: You’ll need to create a custom website address like “” so that very easily people may find your Facebook page.  To do this you’ll need to select a “username” for your page by going to  You will have the option to select a username for your personal profile as well as usernames for your Facebook pages.  For branding purposes, you will probably want to use the same name as your website.  Or you might select something else simple and impressive.

Remarks: The username is another item that cannot be altered once it is set, so choose carefully!

Facebook’s current policy is only to allow a username for pages that have 25 fans or more, so you’ll need to get a few people signed up before you can do this step.

When you’re ready to step-up your customization, and potentially your page’s popularity, add the Static FBML application to create a nice looking landing page.  Look out for an upcoming MakeUseOf article to guide you through it.

It is easy to open a Facebook fan page. But it is better if you hire/consult an expert smm worker.

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