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How to Create a Facebook ad to promote your site

Do you have a Facebook Business Page? Not getting traffic/likes?

Then, you should create a Facebook ad (this is a paid service). If you want to promote your page, you can create an ad by paying Facebook that will display on the Facebook website.

How to create a Facebook Ad:

Go to you business page. If you do not have, read our article on how to use Facebook for your Business. Then, to start, click on ‘show button’ on your Facebook fan page! How to create Facebook ad

Then, click on the “Promote with an ad” link below your profile picture, and customize the details for your advertisement. The beauty of Facebook is that you can target your ads based on demographics such as geography, gender, age, relationship status, and even employer. You have the option to pay for clicks (CPC – cost per click) or pay for impressions (CPM – cost per 1,000 times the ad is displayed).Facebook

Be Interesting:To take full advantage of your page, you should post interesting content regularly.
Using Facebook for Professional Networking: You can also use your personal account to make connections with colleagues and prospects, start conversations and network online. The major challenge here is managing the personal/business line and taking care to make sure all of your communications remain professional. Overall creating a huge network you develop great business relationships very simply. Or, you can take help from the smm expert to do all the works on behalf of you!

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