How to Promote eBooks

How to Promote Your Books Published in Goodreads

Social Media is now a great platform to promote books online. And goodreads is another very effective platform to market yurb books. Authors can use Goodreads to their full advantages, promoting themselves, their books, and becoming part of an authors’ and readers’ community.

Promotion on Social Media

A. Goodreads has its inbuilt social media promotion features. See the image below;

social share Button on goodreads

Social Plugin

You can share your books in all the listed social media platforms- Google Plus, facebook, Twitter through synchronizing Goodreads and Facebook and/or Twitter accounts. Moreover, you can also use the Goodreads app in your Facebook page, It will give Facebook followers/friends a chance to see your books and activity on Goodreads.

You can drive more visitors to your book page;
It will rank your books’ page on Goodreads and Search Engines

B. Free Blog

-There is an option to start a full free blog on your Goodreads author profile, or to import your blog with the help of its RSS feed. Your Goodreads blog will automatically be updated whenever you update your blog;

C. Widget

You can also put Goodreads widget on your website. This will update your website every time you add anything on Goodreads. Please note that Goodreads is valued by Google, it is a chance to boost your SEO and social authority

D. Listopia

– There is a system of popular sections of books. This is done by the readers. If a book is in the popular sections, it is there then there is a chance for your book to be on top. You can enlist that people have created or you create yourself. One thing to be sure, adds the books to the relevant lists. Do not run fast here but take time to complete the task, not 20 in the Listophia List in a day!

I found some Gigs on Fiverr where you can buy the services from experts. The links of them are add your book to 26 listopia lists on goodreads
Goodreads Books Promotion

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