How to create private board on pinterest

How to create private board on Pinterest

When you’ve ever wanted to flag something on Pinterest, but desired to restrict what you pin to go with the audience, you’re in good luck. Pinterest has a cool feature called “secret boards” which limits presence to only the originator and any partners the creator may invite.

SEO Plan : How I ranked a site with four Keywords in the first of Google?

SEO Plan: How I ranked a site with four Keywords in the first of Google? Make your SEO Plan.

In this article, I am going to tell you how I rank to the first page of Google. I will explain step by step what I did

SEO Audit:

I ran an SEO audit and prepared a report.

How to Promote eBooks

How to Promote Your Books Published in Goodreads

Social Media is now a great platform to promote books online. And goodreads is another very effective platform to market yurb books. Authors can use Goodreads to their full advantages, promoting themselves, their books, and becoming part of an authors’ and readers’ community.

Promotion on Social Media


facebook for business

How to Create a Facebook ad to promote your site

Do you have a Facebook Business Page? Not getting traffic/likes?

Then, you should create a Facebook ad (this is a paid service). If you want to promote your page, you can create an ad by paying Facebook that will display on the Facebook website.

How to create a Facebook Ad:

Go to you business page.