What is domain authority? Why do you need strong domain authority? What is Page Rank? How can you achieve good PR for your web page? What is MozRank?

What is domain authority?

The domain authority is a measuring tool of a domain’s and subdomain’s strength. It uses a scale of 100. Lowest is 0, and highest is 100.
MOZ developed this metric. To calculate this metric, MOZ combines all other link metrics which are linking root domains,

Why your site needs ON-PAGE SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) ?

Why your site needs ON-PAGE Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ) ??

Lacking of proper HTML code, Meta tags, keyword placement, address, keyword density and any other issues which are main factors for getting your targeted rankings in Search Engines can be the SEO obstacles of getting Search Engines ranks of your money site because if HTML code,

How to Promote eBooks

How to Promote Your Books Published in Goodreads

Social Media is now a great platform to promote books online. And goodreads is another very effective platform to market yurb books. Authors can use Goodreads to their full advantages, promoting themselves, their books, and becoming part of an authors’ and readers’ community.

Promotion on Social Media