The 5 Basic Steps to Local SEO

How to Optimize Google Local To Get More Business

If you have a local business, you must read this article and implement the tips for your local business to get more business. As for the local business, it is easy to get #1 in Google search result in your locality. But how? Well, This article will focus on the tips and tricks on – Google Local SEO

The 5 Basic Steps to Local SEO

If you have your website, you’ll need to optimize it so people can find you easily by searches. Traffic from search engines is the biggest source on the Internet, and by optimizing your site, you can get the most.

Following are the five necessary steps to local SEO.

SEO Step 1: Include your business contact information at the bottom of every page of your website correctly.

Business contact information includes your exact business name, address, and phone number. In the local SEO circles, we call this your NAP. You want your NAP on the bottom of every page of your website. You can quickly put it in the footer of your site.

Why we need to do this: This presents to Google that you have a legitimate business that exists. And Google can also represent this to the people in your locality searching for the business you have. It also tells Google that you are probably not an unscrupulous company trying to “game the system” by trying to get visible in local results for cities you don’t belong in.

Success Tips:

 Use simple, straightforward formatting and avoid including multiple phone numbers or fax numbers in your NAP. Here are examples of how you can add the NAP in your footer:

101 laurel lane
road Austin, Texas 8705
512 469-7454

Toll-free 866 513-8916
pleasant 101 laurel lane Austin, Texas 78705 512 469-7454 toll-free 866 513-8916

🙂 Use Schema microformat for your NAP. All three of the major search engines (Google, Bing, and Yahoo!) recognize this format.
🙂Don’t use images for your NAP information. Search engines can’t read images!

SEO Step 2: Optimize your title meta tags.

Title tags are really crucial because what you put there your potential customers see that when they have a look at the search results when they search for your products or services

Tips For Local SEO
Learn the tips for LOcal SEO

Why we need to do this: It gives you a chance to control how your search engine results appear.
If you are using WordPress, you can easily manage your title tags by using an SEO plugin such as the free All in One SEO plugin.
Please note that the title must be relevant to the keywords you are attempting to rank your web page for. It is also wise to include the name of the city where you do your business.

You need to do it for every page of your site. The title must include keyword-optimized title tag. However, your home page title tag is the most important one.

Good title tags should be:

🙂 Relevant to the service or product being discussed on the page

🙂 Relevant to the location (i.e. The City)


🙂 Concise

Success Tips:

🙂 If you are trying to establish a brand for your business or if the title contains a keyword, only include your company name. For example, if you are a locksmith and your business name is Locksmith Larry, then you can use it in your title tag. Otherwise, only include it if there is room.

🙂 Choose no more than two keywords and make sure they read naturally. Too many keywords don’t know naturally and make you look silly.

For Example-

-) We Provide 24hr Locksmith Services in Minneapolis – this reads naturally

-) We Provide Locksmithing, Lock Repair, Locksmith Services in Minneapolis – this looks silly

🙂 Never use more than 65 characters in your title as Google will shorten anything longer than that. An aspect comprises of one letter, number, punctuation mark, or space.

🙂 make your title sensible for a busy, distracted customer. Make an impressive title.

🙂 Include only one city in each title tag your business exists.


-) A locksmith serving Minneapolis, Bloomington, and Richfield – too many cities listed
-) A locksmith serving Minneapolis and surrounding cities – much better

SEO Step 3: Optimize your description meta tags.

Description tags are generally one to two sentences. They appear below the title tags in the search engine results pages. See it in the image:

Tips on local seo
Get the tips on Local SEO

Why we need to do this: Sets another chance to attract the searcher’s attention and to get them to visit your website.

Similar to the title tags, when you have a WordPress website, and you use the All in One SEO plugin, you can easily control your description tags.

Do not forget to use this tag to describe your services, products, and business. You now have the opportunity to attract customers to decide to click right through to your website!

Success Tips:

🙂 You are allowed to use up to 155 characters in your description that includes spaces and punctuation marks.

🙂 Only include 1-2 keywords.

🙂 Never repeat title tag in the Description. Make the most of this chance and compose one or two sentences that appeal site visitors to click right through to your website.

🙂 You must make sure it represents naturally and just do not keyword stuff it or use a bunch of city names in the tag.

SEO Step 4: There should be at least 300 words of content for each web page you are looking to rank.

Content Surely is the main part of a web page, and there should be a unique content of 300 words, but it’s not always necessary. You’ll see plenty of web pages that rank very well contains very few words on the page. However, you should not take the risk as it’s a good practice to put at least 300 words per page.

Why we need to do this: Have a paragraph of text and include the primary keyword and other related keywords you’re trying to rank for. Other relevant keywords will help your ranking efforts.

Success Tips:

🙂 Use keywords naturally. Don’t try to match the keyphrases exactly. “Dentist Milwaukee” and “Dentist in Milwaukee” are the same in Google’s algorithm; so use that looks natural to a human.

Using techniques for Keyword density are over and can make Google consider you are stuffing keyword. It is always second to none if the content is useful and unique, not having 3% keyword density.

🙂 Always try to provide the best information your customer looking for. Just for adding keywords, don’t add paragraphs after paragraphs. I mean work for the visitors.

SEO Step 5: Optimize your images.
There is an option to add keyword information to each image to help Google crawl what the image is about, even though Google can’t read the image itself.
Why we need to do this: This will give you a right way to add more keywords to your web page. It also gives chances to your images to be found in Google Image search results.
Pretty easy step. You’ll addd the keywords into the alt and title tags of the image.

Tips on Local SEO
Get the best tips on Local SEO

That’s all about Local SEO. If you have any question, leave in the comment section. Also, your comment will help to enrich this article in future.

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